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How to Use Your Air Conditioning Most Efficiently

September 11th, 2018 by adtrak.admin

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Air conditioning systems are a valued addition to offices up and down the country, keeping workplaces cool and comfortable. However, with raising energy prices and eco-conscious concerns over carbon footprints, it’s reasonable to want to use your climate control in the most efficient manner possible. To learn how to use your air conditioning more efficiently, read through our advice below.

Turn it off while you’re away

There is a bit of debate between whether leaving your air con on all the time or switching it off when you’re away from the property is the most efficient choice. Some believe that leaving it on constantly will keep the property at a consistent temperature and the air con won’t have to work so hard.

However, the more cost and energy efficient choice is to switch off the system when a building is unoccupied. Not only are you not wasting money cooling an empty building, an air conditioning system runs more efficiently going full power.

Use your thermostat wisely

Effectively using your thermostat can make a big difference to your air conditioning efficiency. Firstly, you should make sure the thermostat and any additional sensors are well-placed, away from things which could influence their local temperature – for example, radiators, computing equipment, lamps, or a door leading outside.

A programmable thermostat or one with timers will help you use your climate control as efficiently as possible. For large commercial buildings like offices, you can conveniently programme your air conditioning to come on just before the premises opens and turn off just before is closes, ensuring the space is always comfortable for your employees and that the air con isn’t on for longer than needs be. Alternatively, you may only want to cool the premises during the warmest parts of the day and can use timers to regulate this.


For larger commercial premises, zoning can be an excellent tool for efficiency. Zoning allows you to cool different areas to different levels so you can only spend energy cooling spaces you are actually using. So, if you have meeting rooms you know you won’t be using that day, for example, you can turn off the air con here but have the rest of the office at a pleasant 24°C.

Optimal temperatures

The temperature you set your air conditioning to will influence how much energy is used and your resulting bill. By raising your thermostat by just one degree, you can actually make notable savings over the course of a year. Don’t set your thermostat at a colder temperature to try and get it to cool down quicker – unfortunately this doesn’t help! Seasonal adjustments are also worthwhile with people feeling comfortable at around 24-26°C in summer and 18-20°C in winter.

Keep it clean

A clean air conditioner – this includes both inside and outside units – will work most effectively, so it’s important to keep your system clear and unclogged. Dirt and dust will reduce efficiency and can increase the likelihood of overheating. Make sure your indoor unit’s air filter is regularly changed and the outdoor unit is kept clean from dirt buildup.

Make sure your building is properly insulated

A building with poor insulation will be much more susceptible to outside temperatures, with air leaking out or seeping in easier than one with good insulation. If your premises are constantly absorbing heat from outside and losing cool, air conditioned air from inside, your air conditioning system will have to work a lot harder, using more energy to maintain a constant cool temperature. Proper insulation will keep you internal temperatures more consistent and can save you money on your energy bills.


Airedale Cooling Services provide a wide selection of high quality air conditioning systems to customers in Bradford and across Yorkshire. Having been established for over 30 years, we are experts in our field and offer an excellent standard of workmanship on installations, maintenance, servicing and repair work. To discuss your needs with one of our helpful team, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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