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Best Type Of Air Conditioning For Your Office

May 31st, 2022 by adtrak.admin

With the weather getting warmer as we head towards summer, some people may be starting to worry about trying to work in hot and stuffy offices. If that includes you, it doesn’t have to be that way, because air conditioning can make your workspace a far more pleasant place to spend the day.

If you haven’t already got air conditioning in your office – whether that’s a traditional office shared with work colleagues or one you occupy on your own at home – it’s a good time to give the matter some thought so that you’re well prepared should we get a heatwave this summer. Even normal summer weather can make some offices unbearable, especially if you’ve got large, south-facing windows.

This month at Airedale Cooling, we’re taking a look at which air conditioning type is best for your office, and what’s the best temperature for an office.

The best type of air conditioning for your office

One of the first considerations when trying to decide which is the best type of air conditioning for your office is how big the room is. Take a look at this earlier blog for help with working this out.

Then you next need to select the right kind of system:

Split units

These are generally used in larger office spaces or where there may be multiple rooms requiring cooling. They work by having one unit outside the room which creates the coolant and feeds it through to the unit inside the room. Split unit air conditioners can usually be mounted on the ceiling or a wall. They usually:

  • Can be easily relocated
  • Are fairly quiet
  • Cost more to buy and install
  • Are more energy efficient

What’s the best temperature for an office environment?

We all react to temperature differently, and we’ve probably all worked with someone at some time who either wants the air con turned on full the whole time, so that everyone else is freezing, or someone who wants to go the other way and let the office get hotter and hotter. Generally, women are likely to feel the cold more than men, although age can also be a factor.

Nevertheless, it is generally advised that the air conditioning in your office should be set so that room temperature is between 21℃ and 23℃ – any colder and you’ll find that many people become uncomfortable and less productive, while if it gets too warm, you’ll have people falling asleep at their desks!

Of course, you can’t please all the people all the time, so you might need to allow considerable flexibility regarding where people sit so that they can enjoy their preferred temperature. Thankfully, the new flexible and hybrid working culture we’re enjoying post-COVID, including an increased use of hot-desking, makes this easier than it might previously have been.

If you’re working on your own at home, of course, you can set the temperature for whatever works best for you!

If you’re in need of air conditioning for your office, however big or small it may be, why not talk to the experts at Airedale Cooling? We can find the best solution and provide a free, no-obligation quotation for your office in or around Bradford, Wakefield and York.

Call us now for more information.

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