Heat Pumps in Bradford, York & Wakefield

The latest developments in heating and cooling technology are designed to counter changes in building regulations, which make it increasingly harder to install traditional heating devices such as gas-fired boilers. Heat pumps are an innovative technology which Airedale Cooling Services have been using throughout a range of our air conditioning systems in Bradford, York, Wakefield and elsewhere in West Yorkshire to produce both warm and cool air – this gives us a superior position to use the technology to heat water as well.

Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient because they extract naturally occurring heat for the benefit of a room or building. There are two types of heat pump systems:

Air Source Heat Pumps

This system will extract heat from the outside air, in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees, and provide a constant delivery of low, but warm, temperatures.

There are two main applications for this type of heat pump:

  • Air-to-pump system – Works via a wet central heating system and will heat large radiators and under-floor heating systems.
  • An air-to-air system – Heat is extracted and then circulated around a room or building using a fan system.

Airedale Cooling Services Ltd has skilled technicians with years of industry experience who will install one of our heat pumps depending on your heating requirements. Firstly they’ll design a system that works in sync with your building, then they’ll install it to a high standard so that you are reaping the benefits for years to come. Because these devices are seen as ‘fit and forget’ systems, there will be little need for servicing or maintenance.

If you’re located in Bradford, York, Wakefield or anywhere else in West Yorkshire, contact our expert team today and we’ll start you on your way to reducing your carbon footprint, saving on your energy bills and having an efficiently heated property for years to come. For more information about our heat pump services speak to a friendly advisor today – we’re here to help, call us on 01535 272 728.