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10 Ways To Save Energy and Lower Air Conditioning Costs

August 29th, 2021 by adtrak.admin

These days, we’re all thinking about the environment and how we can limit our energy consumption, with the added bonus of lower energy bills if we can manage it. But sometimes it’s not as simple as turning everything off, especially if you’re running a business where there are certain things you need, like air conditioning, to make things comfortable.

To help you lower your energy usage, and thereby lower your costs as a business, here are 10 ways you can be more energy efficient.

1) Open your windows

Increasing airflow can help you reduce your reliance on your air conditioning units. This is, of course, only useful if the air outside is cooler and if you have the option to actually open your windows.

2) Have your air conditioner serviced regularly

Your air conditioning system will have to work harder and use more energy if things aren’t working as they should. That’s why it’s important to have regular air conditioning maintenance, thereby keeping your system in optimal condition and allowing for any work to be carried out before it becomes an issue that forces your system to use more energy.

3) Replace the filters

Pretty much all air conditioning systems use filters to stop dust and debris from getting into the unit and clogging up the internal components. Eventually, you’ll need to clean or replace these, since the dirtier they become, the harder your system will have to work.

4) Add some plants for shade

Office plants not only add a bit of natural colour to your space (something studies have shown improves productivity), but if they’re large, leafy types that love the sun then they could offer extra shade as well, helping to reduce the workload for your AC unit.

5) Stop the leaks

When you are using your air conditioning, you don’t want leaks to let the cool air out and the muggy air in, as it will mean you’re using more energy than you need to. Try to keep any main doors shut to preserve the cool environment and block any gaps around leaky windows.

6) Cover your windows

Is direct sunlight hitting your windows? At peak times, direct sunlight through windows can create a suntrap, quickly heating things up. Give your air conditioner some assistance with blinds or window covers – you might even be able to find some with reflective backs to bounce sunlight away from your building.

7) Avoid cooking in the office

Many commercial premises have kitchens, which is fine for the odd cup of tea or coffee. However, if staff are choosing to cook meals at work then it will simply add to the heat in the air. It’s recommended that this is avoided where possible during hotter months, or at least kept confined to a kitchen area with good ventilation, blocked off from the air-conditioned working space.

8) Install a smart thermostat

Your building no doubt has a schedule of some sort, so why not invest in a smart thermostat to help match that schedule? You can programme your thermostat to set the right temperatures for the right times, avoiding people setting a temperature and simply leaving it when it’s not actually needed.

9) Turn it off at night

We all know it gets cooler in the evenings and at night, so to save on energy and bring costs down, try to turn your air conditioning off at night. This works for spaces that are empty at the end of the working day or that don’t contain items that need to be kept cool, but if you’re operating a business such as a hotel, this might not be as easy to do.

10) Only cool the rooms you’re in

Finally, be proactive when using your air conditioning system and only cool the rooms you’re using. You might have meeting rooms or other parts of your office that you don’t use all day long, so why spend money cooling them? Only have the air conditioning on for the rooms that you use and you’ll be able to lower costs in the long run.


Here at Airedale Cooling Services, we provide commercial air conditioning maintenance throughout Yorkshire – including Bradford, Wakefield and York. We can help you improve the efficiency of your system and ensure it’s always in top working order for when you need it most.

Call today for more advice on maintaining your air conditioning system or to book an appointment with our engineers.

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