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How to Maintain Your House Plants Whilst Using Air Conditioning

February 28th, 2019 by adtrak.admin

Indoor plants are used for a variety of reasons; whether it be for decorating your home or purifying the air, there are many factors you must take into consideration to ensure you look after your plants to the best of your ability. Plants thrive in heat and humidity, and these two things are what air conditioning is designed to regulate to keep them to a minimum. Using air conditioning may therefore cause your plants to lose colour and shrink, maybe even killing them. Here’s how to take care of your indoor plants whilst still maintaining a comfortable temperature for you and your family:

Which plants are well suited to an air conditioned environment?

Choosing a plant that thrives in a well-conditioned room may be vital for keeping your home looking fresh and ensuring your plants stay healthy to continuously purify the air. There are many different plants that are able to survive within a cool and dry environment, including:

  • The Peace Lily produces large green leaves and delicate white flowers, proving a staple in many homes as they are most comfortable in low light levels and can deal with a drier humidity (as long as their roots are well hydrated).
  • The Snake Plant is known for its tolerance towards harsh environments. It can survive with little to no water for weeks on end, whilst still removing toxins from the air.
  • The Parlour Palm is one of the most popular indoor plants and has been since the Victorian times. Adaptive to low humidity and light levels, as well as needing little to no maintenance, this plant is perfect for an air-conditioned environment.

house plants whilst using air conditioning

Creating and maintaining harmony

If you’ve already got a home full of plants which prefer the warmer climate, there are methods of maintaining your plants and ensuring they coexist with your air conditioner – so there is no need to get rid of them just yet!

  • Hydration – Ensure your plants are well hydrated, by watering them and misting the leaves regularly. Cool air can dry out plants, so you may need to water your plants more frequently than you would in a more humid environment.
  • Location – By keeping your plants away from the air conditioner’s air vent, you will be reducing the chance of your plants coming into direct contact with the cool air, which would further strip your plants of their moisture.
  • Terrarium jars – If your plant can only live within a warm humid environment, you can place small to medium sized plants in glass jars around your home. The smaller the plant, the more sensitive it will be to various environmental elements. This ensures your plants have their own warm and humid environment. Furthermore, you don’t have to water them as regularly as the water vapour released by the plants recycles itself, by condensing on the glass jar and running back down into the soil.
  • Maintenance – Regularly cleaning your plant is vital to keeping your plant aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, healthy. Removing dust from the leaves and removing any dead flowers, leaves, and stems helps you create more room for the plant to grow and reduce the risk of pests.

house plants whilst using air conditioning

By knowing your plants individual needs, you will be able to adapt to its needs easily, and know when its location isn’t working well for it to thrive. Sustaining a comfortable temperature in your home, whilst still providing a suitable climate for your plants is easily achievable by using the right techniques.

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