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How Can Air Con Prevent Mould?

October 31st, 2018 by adtrak.admin

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Air conditioning systems are an excellent addition to a business, helping to improve the comfort and quality of the work environment. Although everyone will recognise the temperature controlling benefits of air conditioning, fewer people realise that your building’s air con will also act to dehumidify and purify the inside air. This month, we’ll be looking at how these features can help to prevent mould growth in your premises.

How does mould form?

Mould is prolific in the natural environment and can grow almost anywhere where there is moisture present. Warm, damp environments are ideal for spores to grow into mould – you will, therefore, often find that mould grows readily in bathrooms, kitchens and humid environments.

How can air con help prevent mould?

Air conditioning doesn’t just create cool air and circulate it around your rooms – it dehumidifies the air of the room too. Moisture-filled air will filter into the air conditioner where, on cooling, the moisture condenses and turns into droplets which are then stored within the equipment. The air which is then returned to the room has been dehumidified. The moisture in humid air can create a mould-friendly environment, promoting its growth; by removing the moisture, you are discouraging such growth.  

Interestingly, the control of humidity was a key factor in the design of the first modern electrical air conditioning unit in 1902. The inventor, Willis Carter, needed a way to control humidity and temperature in a paper printing plant, else paper dimensions, ink alignment and ink drying would be inconsistent. Damp air can play havoc with paper, so it’s clear to see that humidity control has been an integral part of air conditioning systems right from the start.

Mould likes to grow undisturbed and can be upset by good airflow. With an air conditioner system circulating air throughout your premises, you will prevent stale conditions which mould can exploit and thrive in.

Tips to further prevent mould

Investing in an efficient air conditioning system for your business premises can go a long way to keeping your indoor environment comfortable, fresh and mould-free. However, there are a few extra things you can do to help keep your building mould free:

  • Try and keep the temperature up – although you may think taking away warmth would make it harder for mould to grow, colder temperatures just encourage water to condense across your workplace, creating more damp for mould to grow on.
  • If you notice any leaks across your premises – whether that’s from pipes, through your ceilings or walls – get these sorted as soon as possible. Water ingress can lead to problematic mould but can also cause structural issues, so this should be fixed quickly.
  • If you have carpeting, damp shoes can track moisture throughout the office, encouraging mould growth. Make sure you have carpets regularly cleaned, or consider replacing your flooring.
  • If you’re going to be leaving the premises empty for a while, it can pay to run your air conditioning on a timer while you’re away to ensure stagnant air and lingering moisture doesn’t mean you return to pesky mould.

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