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Cassette Air Conditioning Explained

September 28th, 2016 by adtrak.admin

Boasting a plethora of benefits, cassette air conditioners are a popular choice for a wide variety of sectors. Whether you require a new air conditioning system as part of a refurbishment project, or you would like to replace your existing unit with a new, more efficient model, this article will serve to explain why cassette air conditioning may be the best solution for your commercial or industrial application.

Air Conditioning Unit

How do cassette air conditioners operate?

Not only are cassette air conditioners easy to use, but they will also cool the space quickly for efficient, reliable operation. The indoor unit is installed into the false or suspended ceiling with the mounted grille on show. Air is then drawn from inside the room through this unit and transported to an outdoor condenser where the cooling process takes place. This allows for a continuously refreshed atmosphere which is free from:

  • Odours
  • Dust
  • Air pollutants

The cooled air is then distributed through the four slots in the indoor unit, giving the room an even distribution of air.

Which sectors use cassette air conditioners?

Their ability to quickly cool a space and provide exceptional air distribution makes cassette air conditioners the ideal solution for large open plan areas, or awkwardly-shaped rooms, keeping colleagues and visitors comfortable whatever the weather outside.

Their compact design means they can fit discreetly into any type of room with a suspended or false ceiling, which is particularly beneficial for areas with limited space. The neat, unobtrusive design of cassette air conditioners makes them ideally suited in the following commercial applications:

  • Offices
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Shops
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Industrial premises

This type of air conditioner is also perfect for refurbishment contracts, as it can be fitted very quickly with minimal disruption to the property when installed by a fully qualified professional.

Cassette air conditioners are also exceptionally quiet during operation which is particularly important in offices, schools and universities where loud sounds can affect concentration levels.

How easy are cassette unit to maintain?

One of the key considerations when investing in a new air conditioning system, particularly in busy properties, is maintenance. Fortunately, ease of access to cassette air conditioners makes maintenance and cleaning a simple task.

How energy efficient are cassette air conditioners?

In addition to its unobtrusive design and high cooling output, cassette air conditioners are also popular for their exceptional energy efficiency. Adjustable thermostats and variable speed fans will not only improve the business’ green credentials, but will also reduce the amount of energy used which, in turn, helps to lower the cost.

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