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Air Conditioning Maintenance Explained

March 25th, 2015 by adtrak.admin


Air conditioning is an essential part of any commercial property. Once in place, either in a hot stuffy office or factory, air conditioning makes staff feel much more comfortable at work and, in turn, increases productivity levels throughout the workplace. Therefore, it’s recommended that thorough maintenance is carried out regularly on air conditioning systems to avoid the disappointment of it breaking when it’s needed most, such as on hot summer days.

This article will serve to explain more about air conditioning and what’s involved in its maintenance.

Air Conditioning Repairman Fixing Problem

How do air conditioners work?

First of all, it’s important to know how the system is built. Air conditioning consists of two components, the evaporator (inside part) and the condenser (outside part). The latter is situated outside the building, usually on a concrete block and the evaporator is installed within the chamber or main passageway just above the furnace.

An air conditioning system is integrated with a building’s forced-air distribution network, which means that the same system that distributes heated air, also powers air conditioning system. When the air conditioning system is on, hot air flows to the furnace through the special duct, after which it’s delivered as cool air distributed around the building. You know there’s something wrong when you notice the air conditioner works but doesn’t cool the building; this most often indicates to an issue with the distribution system itself.

If you are suffering from such a problem, you need to hire the expertise of an air conditioning engineer to come and have a look at this for you. Do not try fixing it yourself – call a professional who will carry out sufficient maintenance for you and prepare your property for the start of the cooling season.

Ensure peak efficiency of your air conditioning system is achieved

Air conditioning maintenance

In order to prevent your air conditioning failing, the following 6 checks should be carried out by a professional to keep it running flawlessly. All these checks must be carried out when both the evaporator and condenser systems are turned off.

1. Clean the evaporator – thorough cleaning should be carried out once a year. The evaporator must be cleaned when the plenum has a foil-wrapped insulation at its front rather than having a sealed sheet metal box.

2. Clean the condenser – a condenser has a fan which moves across the condenser coil. Therefore, it’s important that the coil is cleaned on the intake side.

3. If an inspection shows refrigerant coolant or Freon levels are low, this should be topped up by a professional air conditioning engineer.

4. Troubleshoot room air conditioners – the biggest enemy for room air conditioners is dirt, which can significantly lower the efficiency of the evaporator coil and clog the entire system. Repairs to the units must be left to an engineer.

5. Replace the thermostat – the thermostat is situated just behind the control panel and must be tested or replaced by a professional.

6. Clean/fix the fan – the biggest problem regarding fans is that their blades either malfunction or need cleaning. Usually, it’s a case of tightening the blades if they don’t operate or are noisy.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to call Airedale Cooling today to see how you can benefit from our professional air conditioning maintenance services. Our skilled engineers will carry out thorough assessments of your system and, where necessary, will perform preventative repair work to keep your system in top working condition for longer.

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