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Buyers’ Guide: Which Kind of Air Conditioning Do I Need?

May 14th, 2018 by adtrak.admin

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There are several kinds of air conditioning out there and many customers won’t know how to choose the type which is best for them and their business. To help you make the right decision and enjoy a cool and comfortable property, we’ve put together this handy guide.  

How to work out the right kind of air conditioning for you

There are a few factors which will influence which kind of air conditioning will be best suited to your business. First and foremost, the size of the room you want to cool should be accounted for. The larger the room, the stronger the unit you will require. The power of the system you need can be calculated by working out the square footage of the designated room and then finding the recommended BTU (British Thermal Units – a measure of air conditioning power) for such a space. As an approximation:


Room size (sq ft)

Necessary BTU

250 6,000
450 10,000
700 14,000
1,000 18,000
1,400 23,000


These are only approximate figures as there are other environmental factors which can affect your choice. High ceilings, larger numbers of occupants and rooms which get a lot of sunlight will all require more powerful air conditioning. An underpowered system won’t give you the cooling you desire, whereas an overpowered system can be inefficient and result in an overly humid room. If you aren’t confident choosing the best solution for you, a survey from an air conditioning expert can be very helpful.


Types of unit

Different kinds of air conditioning are naturally suited for different applications. Let’s take a look at the types of model available:

  • Split units: these are popular units which require professional installation but are quieter, more powerful and more aesthetically pleasing than simple window units. What’s more, they can also heat and dehumidify a room.
  • Ducted system: for powerful, versatile and efficient cooling and dehumidifying, ducted air conditioning is a strong option. Professional installation of a duct system is necessary, making it more suited to new developments, but with vents the only visible part, this system is the most attractive and least encroaching option.
  • VRF system: this sophisticated system consists of an outdoor unit – with one or more compressors – and several indoor units. With advanced controls, this system offers comprehensive, adaptable climate control which can be seamlessly integrated to a building’s management system (BMS).



As with all investments, it is important that the air conditioning you choose works for you. Think about what you want from your system before you buy, reading up on what is available and will be feasible for your business. Some features for consideration include:

  • Timer: a very useful feature, you can schedule your air conditioning to turn on and off on a regular schedule which suits your lifestyle or business operations.
  • Modes: there are a variety of possible modes which you can opt for according to your needs. Settings such as fan speed, dehumidify and heat can all be utilised.
  • Sleep setting: if you want to use your air conditioning at night, a sleep setting can be very useful, keeping your room cool whilst reducing operating noise.
  • Zoning: particularly for larger systems, this enables you to create zones where different temperatures can be set.


Airedale Cooling Services is an air conditioning specialist, serving customers in Bradford and the wider Yorkshire region. Our expertise extends to a wide variety of air conditioning systems from many major manufacturers. For high quality installations, maintenance and servicing work, you can rely on our well-trained team to deliver. Simply contact us today with any enquiries or for a free, no obligation air conditioning quotation.

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