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What is a Split-System Air Conditioner System?

December 7th, 2015 by adtrak.admin

Split-system air conditioner units offer an unobtrusive, energy efficient way of regulating the temperature within a property, providing year-round comfort for those inside.

Favoured for their compact design, split-system air conditioners can provide independent temperature control and will help improve the green credentials of your business. This model is split into two parts which are connected together via electrical wires and tubing:

Outdoor unit

Installed on or near the wall of the room you want to cool, the outdoor unit contains:

  • compressor
  • condenser coil
  • expansion coil

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Indoor unit

Installed inside the room you want to cool, the indoor unit contains:

  • cooling coil
  • long blower
  • air filter

What are the benefits of a split-system air conditioner?

There are a host of benefits associated with split-system air conditioner systems which not only boost performance, but can also improve energy efficiency and save you money. These benefits include:

  • Individual temperature control
  • Advanced technologies for superior efficiency and energy savings
  • Cost-effective way to cool a property
  • Quiet operation

In terms of design, split-system air conditioners are popular for being compact and unobtrusive, making them ideal for properties where space is limited. Additionally, there are an extensive range of products available, so you can find the perfect match of style and functionality to complement your property.

What is a multi-split system?

Ideal for larger business premises where individual temperature control is required, multi-split air conditioner units can change the cooling levels in a number of different rooms. The single outdoor unit has the capability to connect to multiple indoor units, giving you the option of either cooling more than one room in a building, or maintaining the temperature within a large room via two indoor cooling units if required.

What is the difference between a split air conditioner and other air conditioning units?

Integrated air conditioning systems can lose a great deal of energy via the heat exchange in the air duct system, making them less eco-friendly and more costly to run, A major benefit of split-system air conditioners is that they do not require any ductwork, as the indoor and outdoor units are linked together with insulated pipework. Therefore, without a duct system, there is very limited chance of heat or energy loss in a split air conditioner.

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  • Wall mounted
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Floor mounted
  • Ducted

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and repairs service to ensure continued reliable use for many years to come. For professional advice on how you can benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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