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Wall Mounted vs Floor Mounted Air Conditioning

January 27th, 2015 by adtrak.admin

Whether in the home or at the workplace, air conditioning is essential to creating a comfortable environment during the warmer months of the year. Just as you would not go without heating in the icy cold of winter, nor should you be without air conditioning in the sweltering summer heat.

Productivity in the workplace – be it an office or a kitchen – decreases as the heat circulates, so air conditioning can help to motivate your staff and keep your business afloat during high temperatures.

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Which type of air conditioner best suits your needs?

There are a range of air conditioners to choose from and different types suit certain environments better than others. On the one hand, you may wish to have a floor mounted air conditioner installed on your premises, while on the other a wall mounted air conditioner might be more suited to your needs.

When faced with this decision it is advisable to weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with these appliances.

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Wall mounted air conditioning

Depending on available space, wall mounted air conditioners may be installed low or high on the wall; the higher up they are, the longer it will take for people to feel the benefit. Despite that, the cool air will eventually move downwards and provide much needed refreshment to everyone on a hot day.

With this in mind, the initial wait may be a worthwhile trade off for the even distribution of cool air throughout the building.

Not all interior spaces have the wall space to attach wall mounted air conditioners and some buildings, such as conservatories, are not made of materials that could accommodate wall fixtures. Furthermore, some people find the presence of wall mounted air conditioners to be detrimental to the aesthetics of the room.

With that said, there are models and installation techniques which can minimise the aesthetic impact of indoor areas.

Floor mounted air conditioning

Because the floor mounted air conditioner is at ground level it takes less time to feel its benefits than the wall mounted variety, at least to those in closer proximity to it. These appliances are useful in inside spaces that lack sufficient wall space to attach appliances, or within buildings constructed of fragile materials such as glass.

Furthermore, the floor mounted units can look more discreet than their wall mounted alternatives, minimising the impact on a room’s aesthetics.

One of the main problems associated with floor mounted air conditioners is that their airflow can be compromised by obstacles on the floor, such as furniture and appliances. As a result of this, the cool air may distribute unevenly throughout the room, benefiting those closest to the unit whilst depriving those further away from it.

If the floor mounted variety cannot provide general relief on a hot day, its usefulness is questionable.

Which type of air conditioning is better?

The best interior environments in which to use floor mounted air conditioners have minimal obstructions to the cool air flow. In situations where wall mounting air conditioning is not possible, they are the only available option.

However, if the wall space is available it is better to use wall mounted air conditioning because they provide a more even distribution of cool air in buildings with obstacles to airflow, which includes most commercial and residential properties.

Here at Airedale Cooling we supply, install and maintain wall and floor mounted air conditioning units for a wide range of sectors, including:

  • hospitals
  • airports
  • offices
  • retail
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • schools
  • residential

Our wealth of experience in the industry means we have the knowledge and expertise to help find the best solution for your individual requirements. As accredited suppliers of products from a host of leading manufacturers, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the highest quality equipment.

Simply get in touch with our expert team today for further information.

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