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Types of Commercial Refrigeration – What Suits my Business?

February 24th, 2017 by adtrak.admin

Commercial refrigeration units can be found in a large variety of businesses, from takeaways to hotels. The range of units available means that there is likely something to suit your specific needs. In this article we will look at some of the more widely used types of commercial refrigeration and which businesses may benefit from these.

Commercial Refrigeration

Reach ins

This is the most common form of refrigeration unit and can be found in the back of many kitchens and stores. Reach ins are easily accessed and can provide a good amount of refrigerated storage space. The units come in varying sizes according to your needs.

What business? – Reach ins are likely to be used across food businesses in back rooms – this isn’t a unit for merchandising food. They can be found in restaurants, cafés and takeaways, amongst others.

Walk ins

Similar in function to reach ins but with more room. Walk in refrigeration units are useful for businesses that need a lot of storage space for chilled or frozen items. These units also come in varying sizes according to the amount of space you have and the amount of storage you require.

What business? – Restaurants, supermarkets and larger convenience shops may all utilise walk in units in the back of their stores.

Undercounter refrigerators and freezers

Again, this unit has the same function as a reach in but is used when less refrigerated/frozen food space is needed.

What business? – These units are ideal for businesses who don’t have or need the room for a full reach in refrigerator. They could, for example, be used in coffee shops or in bars where perishable foodstuffs are used less.


Worktop refrigerators are great for space-saving and efficiency. The unit consists of refrigeration units which are topped with a worktable. The unit can also include additional features, such as cutting boards and drawers, dependent on your needs.

What business? – Worktops are often used for sandwich, salad and pizza prep and, therefore, are used in businesses such as cafés, pizzerias and takeaways.


Merchandisers have a similar function to reach ins but display the food products through clear fronts/tops. Merchandisers are, therefore, best used on shop floors so customers can see the products available.

What business? – These units are used widely in stores selling food and drink. They can frequently be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents and petrol stations.  

Bar refrigeration

This form of commercial refrigeration can be useful for promoting products as well as keeping them cooled. Generally placed behind the bar, these units often have a glass door so the customer can see the drinks available.

What business? – Predominantly found in bars and pubs but also useful in hotels and restaurants.

Display cases

This form of refrigeration covers a variety of different styles of unit. Generally, clear display cases are used to present products in an attractive manner whilst maintaining the necessary refrigeration.

What business? – Due to the variety in these units, they are used across many businesses. For example, display cases can be found presenting foodstuffs in bakeries, delis, butchers’ and fishmongers’.
As the examples above illustrate, there is a wide variety of commercial refrigeration options which can be used in businesses. Often, several different forms of refrigeration will be utilised in one business to cover a variety of demands. If you need assistance in deciding which option(s) are best for your requirements and/or property, contact Airedale Cooling today and one of our experienced specialists will be happy to help you.

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