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Split-System vs Ducted Air Conditioning

August 26th, 2016 by adtrak.admin

The layout of a commercial property usually means that large spaces or multiple rooms will require cooling at the same time, whether it be in a shop, office or restaurant. With a wide range of air conditioners available, and a variety of terminology used to describe the systems, finding the right one to suit your needs can prove to be a difficult task.

This article will serve to explain what split-system and ducted air conditioners are and what the difference between them is, so you can decide which type of system will satisfy the needs of your employees, visitors and customers alike.

Split-system air conditioning

As the name suggests, split-system air conditioners are separated into two parts – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit – which are linked together through electrical wires and tubing. As such, they can provide individual temperature control within a property for comfort all year round.wall-mounted split-system air con

As mentioned in further detail in one of our previous articles, split-system air conditioners are popular for their unobtrusive, compact design, making them the ideal choice for properties with a limited amount of space.

For larger business premises – such as offices – where multiple rooms require different cooling temperatures, a multi-split system is the ideal solution. Similar to a standard split-system, this has an outdoor unit which contains a compressor, condenser coil and expansion coil. However, rather than connecting to just one indoor unit, a multi-split system links to several. As such, you have the option of setting each indoor unit to a specific temperature, providing you with independent temperature control throughout the building.

Ducted air conditioning

Due to their powerful output, ducted air conditioning systems are typically installed into the ceiling air ducts of a property so they can cool the entire room when required. Ducted systems which feature an inverter also remove air pollutants in the room and replace them with freshly treated, warm or cold air.

Similar to split-system air conditioning, ducted systems are favoured for their concealed design and ability to supply a continual flow of cool air. However, as opposed to split-system air conditioning which provides individual cooling, ducted air conditioning systems cool different rooms from one central location. As such, all rooms are uniformly set to the same temperature, making this type of system ideally suited to large open commercial settings, such as department stores. Not only this, ducted air conditioners offer exceptional noise control which is imperative in commercial applications such as banks and libraries.

Airedale Cooling

If you are searching for high performance, efficient air conditioners for your commercial setting in the Bradford, Halifax and West Yorkshire areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Airedale Cooling today. We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioners to suit the requirements of you and your property, from ceiling cassette units for split-system air conditioning to ducted systems.

For expert advice on which air conditioning system will best suit your property, or to learn more about any of our services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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