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How to Save Energy When Using your Air Conditioner

October 29th, 2015 by adtrak.admin

In these climate conscious times, more and more businesses are choosing to lead more energy efficient operations in a bid to improve their green credentials and reduce energy bills. One effective way of achieving this in your commercial or industrial premises is to improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Our experts at Airedale Cooling have put together a few top tips to help you save energy while using your air conditioner and keep your energy consumption as low as possible.

Keep windows and doors closed during operation

You will feel the cool air much more if all windows and doors are closed and the curtains are drawn while the air conditioning unit is switched on. This will prevent your unit from having to overwork and use more energy to cool the room down to your desired temperature.


Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will ensure it remains in top working order for many years to come. Rather than replacing the entire unit, in many cases all that is required is some basic maintenance. This will prevent your air conditioner from using an excessive amount of energy to keep it performing properly.

Thorough cleaning of the filters will also ensure your air conditioning unit will not need to overwork to function correctly.

As part of our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance service here at Airedale Cooling, we carry out professional assessments on all systems and perform repair work when needed to keep your unit working at optimal performance.

Air Conditioning Repairman Fixing Problem

Adjustable louvres

If your air conditioning unit has adjustable louvres built into the system, make sure you position them towards the ceiling when cooling the room and towards the floor when heating. That way, the unit will not need to over exert itself to meet the demand, as cool air naturally falls and hot air rises.

Enhanced Capital Allowance

To encourage businesses to use energy efficient equipment, the government have introduced the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA). This is a tax incentive which allows businesses to invest in energy-efficient machinery which might otherwise be too costly. According to GOV.UK, “the first year allowances let businesses set 100% of the cost of the assets against taxable profits in a single tax year.” Not only will this cover the cost of the equipment, it will also include the installation service which will ensure everything is fitted correctly for superior energy savings.

Here at Airedale Cooling, we are dedicated to helping businesses improve their energy savings and green credentials by providing efficient air conditioning units and high quality installations. The different systems we supply include:

– Wall mounted

– Ceiling cassette

– Floor mounted

– Ducted


We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repairs services, so you can enjoy the peace of mind which comes with being in the hands of air conditioning experts.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today – we are always happy to help.

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