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Keeping Cool in the Office this Summer

May 26th, 2015 by adtrak.admin

The office can be a particularly unpleasant place during the summer. As the temperature increases, attitudes of the staff can become heated and productivity can suffer. Here are some healthy tips to take the heat out, and keep the staff in.


Water coolers

Usually available in the rest area or canteen but not necessarily within the office. Dehydration is a major cause of stress and other health issues so it makes good business sense to install water coolers throughout the office. That way, staff have easy access to cooled water as needed during the working day.

Close the windows

This may seem to be a strange piece of advice but closing windows and vents will keep the hot air out of the office. However, it is important to ensure that the air is circulated within the room otherwise there is a risk of the air becoming stuffy and stale.

Relax the dress code

 Office wear, by nature, tends to be formal, and for good reason as this projects a professional atmosphere for both staff and customers. Relaxing this strict code during the hot months will allow staff to keep cool and may also increase productivity.

Turn it off

All electrical systems create heat whilst in use, and to a lesser extent, in standby. Turning off unnecessary equipment reduces the amount of heat being dissipated into the atmosphere and has the added bonus of reducing energy costs.

Introduce plants

Tall plants positioned strategically throughout the office have a number of benefits. Firstly, they can provide areas of natural shade when placed near sun facing windows and, secondly, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen which naturally freshens the air. Finally, many plants have the ability to remove VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the atmosphere, again improving the general air quality.

Use the air conditioning

If the office has air conditioning then using it strategically, i.e. at peak temperature times, is the most effective method of reducing air temperature. A well-maintained air conditioning system is not necessarily expensive to operate when compared to staff not turning up or not working effectively due to heat induced conditions.

Glass and window technology

There are many products available that are able to reduce the light and heat entering the office. These range from specially coated glass to window films that can be retrofitted to any glass product. The effectiveness varies dependant on the process of application, but they all make claims that they can reduce the amount of heat passing into the room by as much as 75%. This may seem an expensive fix but they are a one-off investment and many have the added feature of keeping heat in during the colder months, thereby saving on winter heating bills.

Using a combination of methods explained here can have positive effects on the office environment, which can only lead to better office relations and improved productivity. A little effort preparing the office for the warmer months will pay dividends throughout the summer.

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