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The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance in an Office

July 31st, 2015 by adtrak.admin

As we have mentioned in one of our previous articles, installing an efficient air conditioning system in an office can help create a comfortable working environment  and increase the motivation levels of employees during hot periods of the year. Regular maintenance on the air conditioning system will help to keep it in top working order, ensuring high performance and reliability when it is needed most. This article will highlight the importance of air conditioning maintenance in an office and the benefits of regularly servicing your system.

Air Conditioning Repairman Fixing Problem

Maintain performance

If your air conditioning system is operating efficiently and to a high standard, you shouldn’t even notice that it’s there. When serviced correctly, air conditioning units are very reliable, durable pieces of equipment which will remain fully functional for many years to come.

Generally speaking, an air conditioning system loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year and if the parts get dirty or suffer from general wear and tear the unit may only reach 40% of its potential. To compensate for the lower efficiency levels, users are forced to leave their air conditioning on a higher setting for longer periods of time which often leads to an increase in the cost of energy bills.

Increases efficiency

Much like most pieces of equipment, your air conditioning unit will start to develop small problems over time which, if not identified early on, can escalate into larger, more costly issues. Such problems will mean the system will have to work harder to cool the office, leading to a significant decrease in its efficiency. Therefore, regular maintenance tailored to the individual needs of the unit will ensure higher efficiency levels and better performance for longer.

Reduces the risk of costly repairs

During maintenance inspections, the technicians will carry out professional assessments on all types of air conditioning systems to check for any problems, such as:

  • Dirt in the filter causing it to clog up
  • Compressor leaking
  • Fan motor starting to break down

Where necessary, skilled engineers will carry out preventative repair work scheduled at a time to suit your business working hours with minimal disruption to the office.

Save money in the long term

The knock-on effect of having efficient air conditioning maintenance which will extend the life of your equipment is that you will avoid shelling out a hefty cost for a replacement unit in the future. If not addressed correctly, small problems can eventually cause your air conditioning system to fail permanently, so regular servicing and maintenance checks will keep your system working at maximum efficiency while ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.

Our team of FGAS qualified engineers here at Airedale Cooling offer expert assessment checks on all types of air conditioning systems at regular intervals throughout the year. Our team provide high quality air conditioning maintenance services for commercial properties throughout Bradford and West Yorkshire to ensure systems work at optimal performance. Simply contact our friendly team today for further information.

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