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How To Heat Your Garden Room

February 20th, 2022 by Airedale Cooling

Having a garden room offers all kinds of benefits. 

Whether you need to work from home and therefore need dedicated office space, practitioners’ space or workshop space to conduct your business in, or if you simply want to add value to your home by creating extra space on your land – they’re a fantastic idea that more and more people are getting on board with.

However, since they are quite separate from any other structure, there are things you need to consider such as any electrical supply, water supply and heating. That last one is quite important if a garden room is to be comfortable for working and for any clients or customers you might welcome. It doesn’t matter if it’s a space for working in or not – if it’s cold then no one will want to use it.

With this in mind, at Airedale Cooling Services we wanted to take a closer look at how to heat your garden room or garden office. We’re specialists in commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems, so we know exactly what it takes to create the perfect temperature for your working environment.


Air conditioning units for garden rooms

Many people think of the traditional cooling benefits when you mention air conditioning, and this is one of the great benefits of opting for this set-up, as during the summer months the intense sunlight and warmer air can create a suffocating environment inside a garden room – especially if there are large windows or glazed doors. It’s the same reason offices use air conditioning.

However, it’s the ability to switch to a heating mode that makes air conditioning a good option for a garden room you can use year-round. Whether you want to stay warm throughout winter or you want to avoid opening windows during pollen season in spring and summer, this is an option that allows you to remain comfortable in the space whenever you need it.


Heat pumps for garden rooms

Heat pumps are available from us in two main applications. Firstly there are the air-to-pump systems that work via a wet central heating system and help to provide heat through large radiators and underfloor heating (more on this later). Then there are air-to-air systems, where the heat from the outdoors is extracted from outside before being circulated around the space inside by a fan system.

We recommend selecting either heat pump style – or an air conditioning unit – based on the size of the space you need to heat and how regularly you’ll be working in it. Whichever you choose, it will require skilled technicians to ensure maximum efficiency while you work.


Insulation for garden rooms

Once your garden room is built, there is probably not much you can do in terms of the materials used. However, the initial design should carefully consider insulation and the U-value of the layers created.
This can involve the roofing material, the walls, the windows and, tying into our next point, flooring.


Underfloor heating for garden rooms

Depending on what you’re using your garden room for, underfloor heating can be a great way to keep the room nice and warm. They’re actually a fantastic partner for heat pumps, which is why many people choose this combination when planning and designing a garden office space.


Are you starting your own business and need advice on heating an all-inclusive garden room? Or are you remote working and would like a comfortable office space? At Airedale Cooling, we are leading air conditioning contractors for Harrogate, York, Huddersfield and surrounding areas. We have vast industry experience from working with commercial clients to provide heat pump and air conditioning installation, and we can help tailor the right heating option to your garden workspace.

Find out more about heating your garden room to optimal working temperatures by contact us today or calling our professional team –  0800 998 1311


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