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Hottest Places in the UK

June 21st, 2018 by adtrak.admin

The UK weather may be more renowned for its rain than its scorching sunshine but this doesn’t mean that, when summer rolls round, hot temperatures aren’t reached. In fact, thanks to the Gulf Stream and air circulation patterns, the UK enjoys warmer temperatures than the majority of locations around the globe at the same latitude. So, to indulge our nation’s fascination with weather and love of a hot summer, let’s take a look at some of the hottest places in Great Britain.

Hottest places in the UK, on average

On average, the hottest places in the UK are the Isles of Scilly and coastal Cornwall. The annual average temperatures of these places is around 13.5°C. As southern, coastal spots, it seems intuitive these places would be highest. However, the reason why these places get the top spot in terms of average temperature is not because they get very hot, but because they don’t get very cold. The temperature is mediated in these locations by the surrounding ocean temperature which is the warmest in the whole of the UK.

Peak temperatures reached in the UK

In terms of records for the highest temperatures in the UK, areas in London are frequently at number one. Locations in London are subject to the urban heat island effect which is created by the density of buildings and significant amount of built-on land, the result of which is an area significantly warmer than neighbouring rural places.

The Met Office, and other such meteorological sources, hold a lot of data on weather extremes, including the highest temperatures ever reached in the UK for each month of the year. Whilst some of these are held by southern locations, the highest temperature recorded in the UK for the month of September is held by a town in South Yorkshire. A sweltering 35.6°C was measured in Bawtry during the first month of autumn – that’s higher than the average September temperature for Cairo, Egypt!

Keeping cool

Hot weather is great for spending time outdoors, but our homes and workplaces can quickly become sweltering and unpleasant when the temperature rises. A quality air conditioning system is the ideal solution for staying cool and comfortable indoors. What’s more, a comprehensive climate control system can keep your premises warm in winter too, ensuring you can stay comfortable all year round.


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