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Do Office Air Conditioners Need Maintenance?

September 16th, 2020 by adtrak.admin

Are you returning to your office? Whether you’re only just reopening your office for your staff to return, or you’ve been open throughout the pandemic, your air conditioning will no doubt require some form of maintenance.

Air Conditioning Repairman Fixing Problem

This month, we’ll answer the question “do office air conditioners need maintenance?” and give you guidance on how you can help keep your air conditioning units in top condition.

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Why do I need air conditioner maintenance?

If your office has sat empty for any period of time, then it will likely warrant maintenance since it may have been idle. Here are some of the common issues with air conditioners which haven’t been adequately maintained:

Blocked filters

Clogged filters will impact the performance of any air conditioner, making it work harder, but could also cause bigger problems if the problem builds and blocks essential parts inside the unit.

Refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant in your system is key to getting cool air, but any type of leak will cause a drop in performance. Not only that, but it could pose a hazard too if your units have been sitting unused and without maintenance.

Rust and corrosion

These two things are usually a sign of too much moisture around the unit. While you can repaint them, it’s worth looking into the root cause of the rust and checking regularly to ensure it isn’t spreading.

What are the benefits of air conditioner maintenance?

Commercial air conditioning helps to make working indoors comfortable, giving you the ability to heat up or cool down any area of your building. With regular maintenance for your building’s system, you can reap a number of benefits over time, including:

Better performance

Keeping your air conditioning units in top condition means you can expect a better level of heating and cooling, meaning you’ll be getting what you paid for and keeping your staff happy.

Lower energy bills

A clogged or underperforming unit will likely have to work harder to meet the temperatures set, which means more energy will be used for a less efficient result.

Fewer future repairs – save even more money by ensuring that your air conditioning units are free from faults. Without regular maintenance, office air conditioning units may encounter faults which prove far more costly further down the line.

Air Conditioning After Covid-19

As mentioned in our previous post about the tenuous links between air-con and sickness bugs, some people might be worried about going back into the office.

However, with a properly maintained air conditioning unit and plenty of fresh air in the system, there is no cause for concern. You can reassure your staff about returning to work safely if you know your air conditioning has been serviced and maintained by a professional HVAC engineer.

To book your commercial air conditioning units for maintenance or repair, contact the professional team at Airedale Cooling Services today.

We operate throughout Bradford, Wakefield, York and other parts of Yorkshire, ensuring your air conditioning works both at the office and at home. We can even provide dedicated services for Mitsubishi air conditioning units.

Need air conditioning maintenance? Call our team on [ld_default] or send us a message today.

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