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The Benefits of a VRF Air Conditioning System

June 20th, 2014 by adtrak.admin

The installation of air conditioning units in an occupied space is important to improve comfort and increase productivity. If the temperature of a building is set either too high or too low, it will negatively affect the concentration of its occupants and will create an uncomfortable atmosphere for visitors.

Air Conditioning Units

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) are both innovative technologies which can simultaneously change temperatures in different rooms in a building as a reaction to external weather conditions. This modified piece of equipment will ensure the desired temperatures are reached throughout the property, heating or cooling the separate rooms accordingly. The only human input needed is to set the main control panel for the ideal room temperature and the system does the rest throughout the day and night. These systems are perfect for larger commercial premises where temperature control is essential during the working day.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRF systems have one of the lowest running costs of any comparable versions available on the market today.

Its main benefits are:

– Superior comfort

– Energy efficient

– Easy design, installation and maintenance.

– Flexibility

The temperature on VRF systems can be adjusted on demand and maintained without variation, preventing any discomfort or distress to occupants of the building. These units are extremely energy efficient as they only work at the required rate, creating substantial energy savings. This results in greater control of the building’s internal temperature by the property’s occupants and, in turn, is a considerable money-saving solution.

There are a myriad of designs and sizes of fan coils available on the market to fit any installation requirements. The VRF systems on offer today are available either as a heat pump or heat recovery systems for locations where both heating and cooling is required.

By using an integrated design which utilises both heating and cooling technology, superior energy savings are created while giving occupants the choice to either air condition or heat the specific areas in use. In terms of its efficient design, the VRF system boasts both practicality and style…

– Zoned comfort control and dehumidification

– Sustainability

– Stylish design

– Quiet sound

Variable refrigerant volume

Conventional air condition systems are applied to a building as a whole, whereas the VRV system air conditions each room individually making it the ideal option for a building in which the occupancy is constantly changing. Such systems deliver the ultimate in climate comfort, energy efficiency and control as they only distribute the required amount of refrigerant volume, meaning different areas can experience different climate control settings at the same time. This offers a versatile and bespoke solution for an entire building, in turn minimising energy consumption while putting the users firmly in control.

Benefits of VRV units include:

– Conserves energy and space

– Extensive range of models available

– Varying temperatures on offer

– Design flexibility

– Ease of use

– Ultimate reliability

– Straightforward installation

It is essential that both VRF and VRV unit designs are tailored to fit the installation area with ease and precision. They are perfect for larger commercial buildings which require different temperatures throughout the premises and need separate rooms heated up or cooled down accordingly.

Here at Airedale Cooling, our qualified team have the knowledge and expertise to design and install the ideal VRF or VRV air conditioning systems for your professional premises. We understand that the ideal temperature is essential for a productive working environment which is why our bespoke designs will guarantee high performance and customer satisfaction every time. If our VRF and VRV air conditioning units sound like the ideal option for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today for further information or advice!

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